Draperies & Curtains


Do you see an explosion of dust after you open and close your drapes? Drapes act as a filter, passing through air and collecting dust and other particles. The build up makes drapery fabrics dull and dark and directly affects the quality of your indoor air. It is the dirt, dust and residue on the fabric that dulls the appearance and will turn into sulfuric acid and cause deterioration of the fabric.


How often should draperies be cleaned?

In order to remove these contaminants, draperies must be removed from your windows and be cleaned once every two years. In fact, it is best if draperies are taken out of your home to be cleaned.

Drapery cleaning is a very complicated procedure. There are so many different fabrics and so many different treatments of draperies that extreme care must be taken on each drapery. Especially since, for the past decade, window treatments and fabric selections have changed.

At Sevenoaks eco Dry Cleaning & Tailoring, our only goal for 30+ years has been satisfying you, the customer. Our experience and pride has built us an outstanding reputation among our clientel. We use only the finest products and cleaning methods on your draperies. Like you, we want to prolong the life of your window treatments and help you avoid costly replacements.

If your drapes show signs of dirt, stains, mildew, grime, smoke or have a “funny” smell, bring them in. It’s time for them to be cleaned by Sevenoaks eco Dry Cleaning & Tailoring, an expert in curtains and drapery.

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