Silk specialists


Silk is a natural and strong fibre (stronger than steel!) yet fragile and delicate. The safest way to clean silk is by dry cleaning (as recommended by the UK Silk Organisation). Washing can be an option for some garments but may cause extreme colour loss and wrinkling. Perspiration, perfume and sun fading are a few problems that may adversely affect the silk. Never wipe a stain or rinse with water for this could cause permanent damage to the garment. Silk requires extra care to help retain its full beauty.

The staff at Sevenoaks eco  Dry Cleaning & Tailoring can return a silk garment to a “like new” appearance, with a procedure called “mineral bath”. There is a degree of colour loss in all silk so we ensure that we clean all pieces of an outfit to maintain unity. When taking a silk garment to us, be sure to:

  • Take the stained garment in immediately.

  • Identify and stain(s) to ensure removal.

  • Point out the sugar stains which yellow with age if not removed.

  • Point out chafed areas so we can use the “mineral bath” procedure.​

Sevenoaks eco  Dry Cleaning & Tailoring will through proper cleaning and stain removal techniques extended the life of your silk garment and making sure that it will look stunning for a long time into the future.

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