Sevenoaks eco  Dry Cleaning & Tailoring offer an exclusive Bed Linen Service which includes stain removal, cleaning, hand pressing, minor mending, inspection and packaging. The service ensures that your whites are brightened and your coloured bed linen retain their true colours. Bed linens are bundled in sets to make changing beds as easy as possible. Packaging on hangers is optional.


Silk and linen sheets must be processed by our Executive Service as they require extensive hand finishing. Only cotton and cotton/synthetic fibre blend linens will be processed by our Traditional Bed Linen Service. We also require that high thread count linens (600+) and highly detailed linens be processed by our Executive Service, as these sheets also require extensive hand care. Our Executive Service provide professional cleaning of fine table and bed linens and finished with expert hand pressing. The cut work and lace detail of e.g. a Battenberg table cloth deserves the gentleness and superior finishing of the Executive Service.

Individual soaking, starching if desired, and hand pressing/ironing produce a far superior result when compared to commercial laundering and finishing with a Mangle ironer. After all why do they call it a Mangle

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